Follow These Steps to Join The CHS Jazz Program

Step 1 - Watch this YouTube video on how the CHS Jazz Program works (It is especially recommended before attending our CHS Info nights, where we will hold Q&A sessions).

Our brochure on our website is also helpful. 

Step 1 Link:

Step 2 - Fill out this form (CHS Jazz Interest Survey) if interested in possibly joining CHS Jazz (This is not a commitment, just you showing interest!) 

Step 2 Link:

Step 3 - Consult this timeline to see when and what audition/evaluation materials are due for Jazz I, II, III, IV, or Lab. (We will also likely offer a Jazz CR -- See below.* This will also be discussed at the Q&A sessions)

Step 3 Link:

Step 4 - Join this Google Classroom -- the place where you will upload your audition/evaluation videos for Jazz I or Jazz II. Use your school email address when entering Google Classroom. To join, use this code: tzjgpc3

Step 5 - Go to "Enrollment' in our website to learn more about split enrolling. 

Click: "Enrollment" above

Step 6 - For students auditioning for Jazz II only (or for Jazz I candidates looking ahead for practice materials) - Open this link to find the packet of music you will need for your audition.

-- See below for details. ++

Step 6 - Link:

Step 7 - For students auditioning for Jazz II only - Open this link and watch videos within. Begin with the video labeled "All Musicians Start Here." These videos will help you know how to practice from the packet and what we are looking for. Though the audition uploads won't be due until May, students going for Jazz II will need the time between now and then to practice.

Step 7 - Link:


We have two options at (the beginner level.) The leadership of our experienced musicians and flexibility within our CR program allow us to provide a parallel option within the Jazz I block for some students. This allows some students to dip their toes into the jazz world without mastering all benchmarks of Jazz I, where they can explore jazz in a smaller setting with an older, experienced jazz student. Some will dive right into Jazz I, where the dedication is to advance toward an upper level jazz combo. Which option is best is based on student instrumental skill, interest, and desire. Movement between these options is possible and will be revisited at various points throughout the year.


The C Instrument Packet is for piano, guitar, violin, flute, drummers and percussionists, such as mallet players, vocalists, and also French horn and Viola. The French hornists will have to do some transposing, and violists will have to use treble clef.

The Bass Clef Packet is for bass, tuba, trombone, baritone or euphonium, bassoon, and cello.

The B Flat Instrument Packet is for trumpet, clarinet, soprano sax, and tenor sax.

The E Flat Instrument Packet is for alto sax and baritone sax.