To enroll in a jazz combo class or for any questions, contact 
Jack Wagner 
Community High School Jazz Program Director 
734-994-2025 x36400

JAZZ I (Jazz Band) is for any musician with middle school-level instrumental skills interested in starting jazz performance studies. Video evaluations are necessary for Jazz I, but no prior jazz experience is necessary. If a student feels that the skills listed in the brochure (on the Home Page) are already mastered, a placement audition should be scheduled with Jack for Jazz II. 

JAZZ II is an extension of Jazz I, which is a prerequisite for this class unless a student successfully places by audition.

JAZZ Lab and IV are small, advanced combos comprised of four to ten members each. Placement in these classes is by completion of Jazz I and II and/or by successful audition.

Registration and other questions may be directed to the Counselors at Community High School. 


Brian Williams and Amy McLoughlin
Community High School Guidance Counselor
or    and